Infinite Thanks

Celebrating LGBTQIA+ gratitude
Honouring rainbow identity and heroes
Travelling chapel
Collaborative devotional paintings
Adult LGBTQIA+ and allies welcome

  1. Northern Territory 2019      
  2. Melbourne 2019    
  3. Melbourne 2020
  4. Melbourne 2021
Confessional booth

Infinite Thanks — a collaborative, immersive public art project by Kaff-eine and friends


1. Create an A4 size devotional painting, thanking your rainbow icon for your moment of gratitude. Paintings can be in any style: cartoon, stylised, stencil, collage, or text-based. Your message is more important than your artistic ability. The painting should include a short written description of your story; an image of the event; and a small image of your icon, protecting you. Email a high-resolution photo to Kaff-eine, for exhibition in the next Infinite Thanks event. 

2. Collaborate with Kaff-eine: send her a few simple sentences about your story of gratitude. It can be happy, poignant, even sad; any event or moment in your life for which you’re grateful. Tell Kaff-eine who your LGBTQIA+ hero/icon/saint is, too. Kaff-eine will turn your words into a small devotional painting, for inclusion in the next Infinite Thanks event.

3. Invite the Infinite Thanks chapel to your city, town, village or remote area for exhibition and collaboration. Contact Kaff-eine for more information, and to discuss your particular community’s wishes.