Infinite Thanks

Celebrating LGBTQIA+ gratitude
Honouring rainbow identity and heroes
Travelling chapel
Collaborative devotional paintings
Adult LGBTQIA+ and allies welcome

  1. Northern Territory 2019      
  2. Melbourne 2019    
  3. Melbourne 2020
  4. Melbourne 2021
Confessional booth

Infinite Thanks — a collaborative, immersive public art project by Kaff-eine and friends

Confessional booth: coming soon

During the Infinite Thanks chapel’s test run, Kaff-eine invited visitors to ‘tattoo’ their stories of LGBTQIA+ gratitude directly on large painted characters covering the exterior chapel walls. She encouraged anyone with secret or x-rated stories to write them inside the chapel, which she designated an 18+ venue.

The private inner chapel offered anonymity for participants, who quickly filled the interior walls with stories, drawings and declarations. Kaff-eine is now painting these for upcoming exhibition.

To encourage ongoing anonymous participation, Kaff-eine will open a digital ‘confessional booth’ where people can privately contribute stories. Watch this space for details about how you can contribute your confessional story, and view the resulting paintings at future exhibitions.